Zeynep Tuğçe Karadağ

She was born in 1988 in Aksaray. She graduated from the Economics Department. After her graduation she completed her higher education in the field of Radio and TV Programming Department. Her first poetry collection entitled Acile Tek Giden – The One Who Went to the Emergency Service Alone was published in 2017 by Profil Kitap. Her poems appeared in İtibar magazine.

Her prose writings were published in magazines including Cins, Skyroad, Lacivert, and Kültür Gündemi. She is pursuing her Master’s Degree studies in the field of cinema and currently working as a dramaturge at TRT-1.


The tailor whose needles were broken one by one
Thought that he would be stitching his fate, a delusion...
What is seen in the mirror:
That button making one nervous for appearing as if it is about to fall down.
There is still some time for it, for its falling down.

The patient who went to the emergency service alone in the night
And the passenger for whom nobody waves his hand are the same person indeed.
The road is a stain no song could clean it,
Its stain grows as it is looked at.
Showdown of the past on the glasses
There are countless talks inside my head:
- As in the case of overflowing milk, we are here alone again.
- You are not alone enough, not at all a simple one.

I think of stitching my inner voice
I want it so much, you see
When you look from the “Detainees Circle”
The world seems to be a dead body you miss to be there.

English Translation by Mesut Şenol