Zeynel Beksaç
He was born in 1952 in Prizren. He studied law for a while. After having worked in Tan newspaper and Prishtine Radio, he moved to serve at Prishtine Television. Zeynel Beksaç is one of the journalists who made their marks in the development and advancement of the Turkish language television programs in Kosovo. He is the recipient of numerous national and international prizes. Beksaç is involved also in translation and writing essays. He is a member of Kosovo Painters Union, and he participated in joint exhibitions in Europe and other parts of the world. His poems have been published in many anthologies, encyclopedias, and writers dictionaries as well as being translated into various languages.

Some of his works

  • Gurur Duy Sen XX. Yüzyıl / Feel Proud You the XXth Century.
  • Sevginin Rengini Arıyorsanız / If You Are Looking For the Color of Love
  • Düşünce Usa Durmadı Daha / Thought Has Not Been Yet Thought Through
  • Kavak Uyur Mu / Does Poplar Sleep
  • Önce Sevgiye Doğar Güneş / The Sun Rises First for Love
  • Gökkuşağında Salınan Çocuk / A Child Rocking on the Rainbow
  • Vurmazsam Nâmerdim / I Am A Coward If I Don’t Shoot
  • Sevda Eskizleri / Love Sketches
  • Rüyalarım Çiçek Açtı – Toplu Çocuk Şiirleri / My Dreams Bloomed – Collected Children Poetry
  • Rumeli, O Benim İşte – Toplu Şiirler / Rumelia, Yes, It is Me – Collected Poems.


Remember Aisha
We had watered oleander flowers
In Datça with our poetry tears
The seagulls had dispersed
The clouds of sadness in your glances
As the fellow poets were reciting victory songs
The sails were destined to come back
And they had carried the cries of your people to the head waters

Remember Aisha
We had taken by handfuls of stars
In Datça saying they are of a hope
In the streets of humanity
We had searched the color of love
In the waves beating the shore
Sitting close together, from heart to heart
We had flown the peace kites
Heading for Palestine

Remember Aisha
On the Datça Street
We had called it the Eternal Standard
How nicely we raised beauty up to the flagpole
Saying it was the Eternal Standard
We had shared the bread
And Smile had perched on our faces
Like an eternal donation
We had blown poetry to eternity
With jasmine scents
And with the naiveté of children’s dreams
Even though the rebellious gleam in your eyes
Would be piercing into my heart like an arrow
Even though your glances get exhausted with innocent sorrow
Even though you put a red carpet on the deserts
I shall not share with you even
A shiver of a single line of a poem

Don’t forget Aisha
We had put something on the chin without you
Petra’s mystery
It had become immortalized without you
The sunsets at the Dead Sea
By sipping cinnamon tea
We had played the lute and sung songs
By relieving tiredness without you in Sahara

As you were bidding farewell
To the friendship in the fine form of poetry
Accompanied by a foreign music
The Dead Sea had sunken into sleep
The desert dreams bloomed in dances
You know, poets stand to dreads
For sure go ahead for hope and beauty
I would say to you for the last time
Go, find out and memorize a bit
The worth of attachment