Ulaş Konuk
He was born in 1984 in Malatya. He graduated from the Turkish Education Department of Marmara University in 2006, and the same year he started teaching as a Turkish Teacher in Sultanbeyli. He currently works at Sultanbeyl Erol Yüksel Junior High School. His poems and writings appear in Bir Nokta and Aydos literary magazines. His first poetry book called “Mavi Kuşun Yolculuğu / The Journey of the Blue Bird” has been published in 2015 by Bir Nokta Publishing House.


One morning,
In the black & white mirror of the dwarfs
I got up by being beaten.
At my bedside there were lying half-seen dream
And my false fantasies.

I was chased nightlong, I am done in
Ah, if only I could have touched the lever!
I would catch my breath but
The blind hole refuses my asylum request
Impatient cats lick themselves at my door.

I am as broken as the glass of my cell
And july is black and blue all over my stamp face
Out of my fears I gulped without chewing
Fragments of nightmare are now inside my eyes.
I take a look at the sky for the purpose of toothpick.

While I got lost in the labyrinth of my chamber
Trapped with tales in every corner of it
A shining mouse perched on my tail.
I would have escaped by plucking if I were a lizard…

- Don’t be afraid! Now I am on a hunt for repentance,
A White-bearded prayer for call dispatched me.