Süleyman Çelik
He was born in1963 in Samsun. He studied Political Administration at Marmara University. He published his poems in magazines such as Aylık Dergi, Mavera, Kelime, Yedi İklim, Kardelen, Düşçınarı, and Bir Nokta. He prepared a radio program called Bulutlar Bulvarı / The Avenue of Clouds with Arif Dülger. He is still associated with Bir Nokta. His 6 poetry and essay books have been published.

His works

  • Sonra Sessizlik / Then Silence (November 1990)
  • Düşler ve Aynalar / Dreams and Mirrors (September 1993)
  • Seyir Defteri / Log Book (May 1998)
  • Sonra Sessizlik / Then Silence (All Poems – June 2002)
  • Ah Teslimiyet / Ah Surrender (August 2008); Evvel Âhir / Eventually (June 2012)
  • Evvel Âhir / Eventually (February 2018, Second Edition)
  • Ve Ada’dan Notlar – Deneme / And Some Notes from Island – Essay (March 1999).

Adorned Girl

Oh Kâmil, you had taken such a look at that adorned girl
My heart had sunken, just here in my body
While you were dropping your eyes, it was bleeding within
Which folk song would go better with it when collecting paper
I was going to say something about it before I leave
When you looked secretly…

Oh Kâmil you had lad your eyes on that adorned girl
It was the right way of looking at her, like mentioning God
How lovely was it that God created her
Come on, it is time to come forward
As if it was your saying, and you left slowly.

Oh Kâmil, you were wrapped up in that adorned girl
You couldn’t turn while your hands were on your hair
When in the evening it was blanketing crimson over Üsküdar
You had walked carrying all the abundance of the day
Your car was going before you in a hurry
As if it was catching to have a hot soup bowl.