Sıddık Ertaş
He was born in 1970 in Kars doğumlu. He studied theology and literature. He earned his Master’s Degree in philosophy of religion. He wrote for the Kardelen and Düş Pınarı magazines. He continuous writing in Birnokta and Aydos magaznes.

His poetry books

  • Kuyuya Düşen Harfler / Letters Fallon into the Well Hole
  • Şiirlerle Peygamberler Tarihi / History of Prophets with Poetry
  • MorSarı + Kırık Odada Kırk Ayna / PurpleYellow + Forty Mirrors in the Broken Room
  • Şartlı Tahliye / Release on Probation.

Human Being

thank God
I believed in human being as much as I believe in God

it is a very long journey just as long as a verse
between human being and God
between God and human being

it only fits into our heart
the one who is not bound up with space
a human being comes to become qibla of another human being

every human being is in a situation to be with other person
they would be destined to each other’s pains
if one becomes a flower, the other one turns into a vase for it

we are a sky as large as a quilt
and the soil as much as a mattress
we get up from the same sleep
in our bread smelling bodies

now if you have a smile in one end of the world
the teams of swans embrace me on this end

I salute your voice like having somebody to turn to
you, as a laughter of a child
the rain falls on my face

the sweat of the same sun is still on our forehead
we cool off through the breath of the same wind