Serap Kadıoğlu
Poet and writer. She was born in Rize. She graduated from the “Construction” Department of 19 Mayıs University. After receiving private tutoring, she worked as newspaper correspondent, career consultant, and editor. Following the lift of the head-scarf ban, she studied “Sociology” at Istanbul University, and “Turkish Language and Literature” at Anatolian University. Her poetry passion did not leave her alone, and finally towards the end of 2014, she set up her team and published a literary magazine called “Şiar-Watchword”. Her poems and writings have been published in magazines such as Şiar, Türk Edebiyatı, and İtibar. She currently serves as the editor-in-chief of the Şiar Magazine. She sits on the Executive Board of the Anatolian Writers Union.

We entrusted it to Allah

--Had not my words get exhausted then my voice would not have risen to heaven.

Whenever you make yourself absent
I turn into somebody I don’t recognize
In a town I have no idea about it

You poured down the world on me
By leaving the sorrow flowers on my lap
I walked poetry to get purified

By ordering the secret in my chest to the sky
I sowed my exhausted poetry in its shade
In order to have it as my shade on the arid day

In the evenings brought home loneliness
By putting hard-boiled pains into my pocket
Dead martins perched on my chest

I didn’t grow liking speaking; I bunt my voice with poetry
My woes stayed on the table
We learnt from our father to keep quiet
Even our crying is halfway

The dreams I left on your palm are a smile
Now they call crinkled foreheads into account
Day is now on its sinister time, the evening is nearing
Such a woe is a sickness in the isolated places

Our aba was torn where it was hanged
We put telling the good news on the line
We held a grudge against ourselves for “one hour with the godsend angel”
We had the rent for heaven charged to our account

Poetry is an occupation of a fatigued person
A bit clumsy in living his or her life
If something beyond poetry does require being silent
Then we hanged our voice on heaven and entrusted it to Allah