Selim Sina Berk

He was born in 1991 in Istanbul. A laborer’s child. He graduated from the Literature Department of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. His poems and reviews were published in magazines and other media such as Yedi İklim, Dil ve Edebiyat, Bir Nokta, İstanbul Art News, dünyabizim, tetkikciblog, radikalblog, and Mühür. His first poetry collection entitled “Bütün Yağmur Dualarına: Âmin – Amen for the All Rain Prayers” was published by Usta-Çırak Publishing House.

Amen for All Rain Prayers


In Istanbul, the rain in the cement city,
may not feed the seeds, yet
Turning into bread, it lands
on the dinner table of the children
who sell umbrellas

if now this child
would start walking
from here up to Allah
traffic lights in between…
they wipe the windshield glasses of fate
Conscience is for appreciating
Love is a Loyal disposition
Oh my Allah
what kind of pit is this world
apparently the roads of the Children
in the city of seventy-seven hills
in sarıgazi, pendik, sultanbeyli
are always uphill
should I sink into sleep
who knows how deep it would be
the mainland under my dreams
I know it
even my childhood is There
my father’s slap on my face for instance
or gum like candy or a lollipop
my dreams are always nostalgic
this is so because: “I live as if I don’t live”
me with children: in Istanbul…
the summer arrived, the autumn is on standby now
the rain children and me as well


English Translation by Mesut Şenol