Şadi Kocabaş
He was born in1961 in Adana-Tufanbeyli. He graduated from the Business Administration Department of Erciyes University and the Turkish Language and Literature Department of İstanbul University’s Faculty of Literature. He currently works as a teacher. His poems and writings appear regularly in magazines such as Türk Edebiyatı, Dergâh, Türk Dili, Yedi iklim, Edebiyat Ortamı, and İtibar. Hs poetry collection called Kuş Günlükleri / Bird Diaries has been published in December 2016.

Undated epic songs

by straightening myself up towards the sky of blessed capitals
from the repeating wars and epics
from the monuments, books, civilizations
I have to obtain some credible worries

on the precarious soil of the global earthquakes
from the latitudes combing my hair of the east to the sun
from the deserted geographies’ distances
I have to pack caravans for my memory

I am never being closed lawsuit of court hearings
never ceasing occupation sounds appear in my horoscope
this is my last pen organized to fall down
there among the defenseless judgements
this is my story fictionalized to get broken

in fact it is me, tranquility on the ears of grain
the emerging water in the spring, pomegranate on the table
I stopped, yes, to be a refuge to the winds
I stopped, it is the sleep of distant corals

the birds with their wings turning fabric-like green
let them land on the trees as big as their memories
on the pillion of the horses I drove to the earth
with my hands turned into iron and with my wooden skin
I ought to come as verdicts, steps, people
being always crowned with victory throughout centuries

I am on the never-ending one way road
stars adapted for children sit in my eyes