Rıdvan Tulum

He was born in 1993 in Kastamonu. He graduated from the Economics Department of Istanbul University. His poems were published in İtibar magazine. He wrote for a magazine called Cins and conducted interviews for it. Currently he works as the editor of Skyroad magazine.


The coming days on which my tongue is unable to pronounce,
My inner part is looking for something to burn, it’s winter there
The trouble I did not believe since it was not mentioned in the ballad
Testifying me, with whom I stayed?

I joined in the photo poses as someone, I continued to be someone
Like an empty parenthesis in the middle of a paper,
Awaiting without knowing what to wait for.
My situation is like being a scarecrow in a fallow land.

Believing in calming one’s nerves
before water boils at one hundred degrees Celsius.
Looking at you and having everything stayed as they are
Affection would not start again just like that
Your inner part thinks about where to look best at silence.

A sleepless river woken up from its bed
It comes to my mind as I speak: I did not mean to say this.
A cloud carries disappointment over your head
Why do the houses grown without a father lose their passion?

Everything was being suspected to mean something else, I had a good bargain.
My fury is noise proof, you can love me
I hid this somewhere as a mountain.

English Translation by Mesut Şenol