Resmiye Mümin

Resmiye Mümin was born in Kardzhali, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Bulgarian, Turkish, and English Departments of Plovdiv University’s Kardzhali Branch. She completed her Master’s Degree study at the Turcology Department of the same University Branch. Additionally she conducted her graduate studies at the Media Communications-Journalism, Advertising, and Public Relations at Plovdiv University. She has served for six years as a Turkish and English Teacher. She worked as a correspondent for some local and regional newspapers. Currently she is Kardzhal News’ (newspaper) reporter. Her poems have appeared n many newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Resmiye Mümin represented Bulgaria in a number of international poetry festivals. She published six poetry collections: “Ak Meleğim – My White Angel” (2009), “Babamın Kızı – My Father’s Daughter” (2014), “Minik Serçe – Small Sparrow” (2015), “Ömrümün Sonbaharı – The Autumn of my Life” (2015), "Sırılsıklam – Soaking Wet” (2016), and "Kördüğüm – Goardian Knot" (2018). Resmiye Mümin was bestowed with “2015 Hikmet Okuyar Poetry Award”.

In Our Neighborhood

Spring comes to our neighborhood early
Birds are lined up on the wires early in the day
In bloom trees are grouped
Violet smells fragrantly.

The mountains are high in our neighborhood
Kemikdağ is a magnificent historical site
Creeks babble as if they are waterfalls
The slopes stretch out; it is a town of diamond.

Children are brave man in our neighborhood
They aspire at their young age to become an adult
They brag about their brilliant hearts
To become a grown-up is not a fantasy.

People are fine in our neighborhood
Taking care of one another, day becomes night
Field works are done via a jolly collective work
Humanity issues are the most honorable cause.

Homeland means everything in our neighborhood
It is as worthy as the mother, the father, and a child
They are a darling stuck to the heart
It is a love with longing which never ends.

English Translation by Mesut Şenol