Russia / Tatarstan
Ramis Aymed
Russia / Tatarstan
He is a poet, translator and script writer. He was born in 1968 Munceli village of Çüpreli district in Tatarstan. Upon his graduation from Kazan State University’s Tatar Philology Department, he completed his doctoral study at the Tatar Literature Department. He works for the newspapers called “Maarif – Education” and “Şehri Kazan / Kazan City”. Since 2013, he is the First Vice President of the Republic of Tatarstan Writers Union. His poems have been appearing in several magazines and newspapers. He is one of the pioneers of the poets who debuted new poetry style in Tatarstan. His works combine the traditional poetry form with his unique new intonation and imagery. He is a member of Tatarstan Writers Union. In 2017 his book called “Tuzaktaki Özgürlük / Freedom in the Trap” was published. He translated Orhan Veli’s poems into Tatar. In literature he is the recipient of various awards.

Our Fate

In a dark night,
Inside a dark forest
Does our fate hiss
Turning into a black snake?...

Is it the same with the Şüreli’s fingers
Is our fate
Stuck in the crevice
Of a tree trunk?..

Like a black wave,
Turning into a wounded wave
Does our fate beat the haughty shores?..

A lone cuckoo
Like an insincere young bird
Does our fate come into the world
In the wilderness nests?..

Our fate is in the hand of God.
It is weaved and turned into a Gordion knot.