Mustafa Özçelik
He was born in 1954 in Eskişehir. He had completed his higher education in the field of Turkish Language and Literature. He taught in several schools of some provinces. He worked as a lecturer at Dumlupınar University. His poems and writings appeared in magazines such as Mavera, Yönelişler, Kayıtlar, Kardelen, Düş Çınarı, Bir Nokta, Kültür Dünyası, Türk Edebiyatı, and Dil ve Edebiyat. He conducted biographical studies about personalities including Yunus Emre, Nasreddin Hoca, Battal Gazi, Mevlana, and Mehmet Akif. He attended numerous scientific, cultural-artistic event at home and abroad. His works have been awarded by various organizations. He published his works in the fields of poetry, short story, essay, article, tale, biography, and anthology.

Some of his published works

  • İfşa / Revelation
  • Serenat / Serenade
  • Dünyanın Tenhasında / In the Secluded Part of the World
  • Güneş ve Ayna / The Sun and Mirror
  • Gül ve Hançer / Rose and Dagger
  • Bir Irmak Düşü / A River Dream
  • Ateş Denizi / Fire Sea
  • Dilim Ol Söyle / Be My Voice and Talk
  • Nasrettin Hoca / Nasreddin Hodja
  • Şehitler Tepesi The Hill of Martyrs
  • Son Günün Sevinci / Joy of the Last Day
  • Şiir İklimi / Poetry Climate
  • Gece Işıltısı / Night Glimmer
  • Eylül Irmakları /September Rivers
  • Şairin Şiirler İmtihanı / Examining the Poet with Poems
  • Kitap Kitabı Çağırır / A Book Calls for Another Book
  • Mehmet Âkif ve İstiklal Marşı / Mehmet Âkif and National Anthem
  • Bizim Yunus / Our Yunus
  • Battal Gazi
  • Eğitime Adanmış Hayatlar / Lives Dedicated to Education.

From inside of me

It was such a long night
When I opened my eyes
The world looked like pieces of broken glass
Hurting and harming my wounds

You called on me from inside of me
There was no one from my side
Between us

Like at the moment of the first creation
You called on me and gave me your color

Beneath me lies the soil
Over me there are star clusters
Everything looked at me
By hanging on to your power
Everything flowed towards you

I said everything was possible
As genuine as a lighthouse
That lasted just a moment

I looked for many monks to guide
For a shaman’s magic
My pain went better
I was passing from one dream to another
From one truth to another
The waters were talking about you

You were a leaf
Bloomed out of a turquoise love
That was such a short instant
You took a look at me

You called on me from inside of me
It was you to be there

There was no one around
There was no one around