Murat Saldıray

He was born in 1988 in Istanbul. He graduated from the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Istanbul University in 2010. His first poetry book called Sakin Kuyular – Calm Wells was published in 2014, and it was awarded with Seyhan Erözçelik First Published Book Prize in 2017. His poems and writings appeared from 2010 on in literary magazines including Dergâh, İtibar, Granada, Ada, Melâmet, Türk Edebiyatı, and İpek Dili. Poet currently teaches Turkish Language and Literature. He lives in Diyarbakır.


since I drew that solitude onto my face
deaths touch me in a child happens to be grey…
just like a rain filling my heart, I remember it
where it makes an unremitting stop…

that passing breath was the doubt of his face,
a staircase calling on that dingy insomnia…
a kid gets confused while running away in a dream
and from the bottoms of the wall with its heart closed

it grows by being eclipsed… so much sure
that he becoming somebody else is getting scattered
from his solitude, towards his sleeps of those summer days
and by getting out of the hours of his rootlessness

who is he?... who is hiding behind the hardcover books
that are bleeding, and they are thick when bleeding?...
he says I grew up feeling vengeful and I was tarnished in the evening,
as simple as making his voice dropping on the water…

English Translation by Mesut Şenol