Milica J. Lilic

She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Pristina, and she earned a Master's Degree in philological sciences at the University of Belgrade. She was a professor at the University of Prishtina, and an editor on the Belgrade TV. She has published collections of poems, stories and essays... She has been included in many anthologies and received many literary awards of national importance as well as international ones... Her works have been translated into Russian, English, Italian, German, French, Hungarian, Macedonian, Turkish, Swedish, Polish and Arabic....more than 28 languages of world. She served as the Vice President of the Association of Writers of Serbia. Milica J. Lilic lives in Belgrade since 1999.


I will sail down on your blood stream
like a slim boat down the Danube
in order to fill you up, to raise you up
to the stars, to infinity,
so that you perceive the might
you present me with,
you lift me up and enlighten.

I know that it is Logos
radiating out of us,
it is the language
full of the light
transforming us
freeing us
from the material world.

It is the passion of spirit raising
repressed by the dark experience
denied by the cramp of time
and it floods with aura
our earthly bodies.
The blood sleepy from days of yore
begins to speak rejuvenated
on behalf of the everlasting longing
of existing
grateful to the words
for naming it.

English Translation by Lazar Macura