Mihail Kürkçü
He was born in 1984 in Kongaz, Moldova. Mihai Kürkçü’s first poem appeared in a literary magazine called “Saba Star” in 2005. His publications of “The Source of Hope Cannot Be Depleted” was published in 2009 to be followed by his recent works in “Mother’s Words” and “Balkan Ballad” in 2014. The poet has attended various poetry festivals. His works have appeared in variety of magazines and anthologies.

Medicine, Love!

My heart is filled with feelings,
So many pains happen to find me,
The moments are lived,
The blood feeds life!
Sometimes it hurts so bad in your heart
Your eyes are filled with tears and out of focus
Being without you is not easy state,
What is opened is a bottomless pit
The dirty pains infest it,
You are left with an intense ache,
Breathing gets difficult
Don’t worry about pains.
Save me from this heartache,
Don’t feel anxious
Don’t forget that there is a medicine – Love”,
If there is no love, what else is there – Fight”!