Melek Arslanbenzer
She was born in 1981 in İzmir. She graduated from the Psychology Department of Istanbul Bilgi University. Since 2001 she has been writing poetry. Her poems appeared in Atlılar and Fayrap magazines. She published a poetry collection entitled “Metroda Cuma Namazı / Friday Prayer in the Metro”. She is the one who gave its name to Fayrap magazine. Currently she works as a psychotherapist.


When looking from the back of Mihrimah Sultan
At Istanbul, there is no way of explaining
How much my chest swelled with pride
As it was the same situation how the Syrian boy sitting
On the stairs ended up getting here

It would not be a complete lie
If I say I also escaped the battle
But maybe this is not enough to describe
How human blood was flowing on Duma streets

Let us establish a dialogue then!
Let us connect the murder of prosecutor with the parallel structure
Power outage lasted whole day across the country with Gezi incidents
Let us connect them altogether, we may make
Political analyses, so that go for it
Our intellect and our experiences would be capable of dealing with it

We cannot talk about 99 Marmara Earthquake though
Our mental capacity is not enough
We can speculate on it
Great Istanbul earthquake, earthquake insurance and so on
This is about quake, and it has not to do with economy nor
Politics we cannot express verbally
Because it is beyond dispute, because it is truth

That is to say one’s mind can only comprehend a lie
Truth is incomprehensible
You may believe in truth
That is why there is no proof of innocence in law
You can only prove the crime

When written as a person consists of the ones he or she chose
Keyboard changed it into the ones you love
The awareness this created made me feel mentally alert
The will granted by God to humans
The unity of mind and heart brought about
An analytical meaning through the correction made by the keyboard

They opened up a Coffeehouse for Poets on Akaretler
I passed by it on a Ramadan day
They were eating and drinking Moses Clan came to my mind
Then I thought about Surah ash-Shu’ara
When you go up a bit further you get to Nişantaşı district
There is no aristocracy class nor bourgeoisie in Turkey
We are among the people having forgotten who they are

When choosing Islam against blasphemy they call you fascist
I have no idea what to do with it