Mehmet Özger

He was born in 1977 in Adıyaman. He graduated from the Turkish Language and Literature Teaching Department of Marmara University in 2001. He earned his Master’s Degree in 2005, and he received his PhD in 2010. His doctoral dissertation was entitled “Memory, Subject and Government in Power in 12 September Novels”. His writings and poems have been published in various magazines, and Yedi İklim – Seven Climates ranks first in terms of appearance. He is a member of faculty at Bingöl University.

(His Works: Türk Romanında 12 Eylül – 12 September in Turkish Fiction (2012), research; in Ali Haydar Haksal Öykü ve Romanlarında Yapı ve İzlek - Structure and Theme in Ali Haydar Haksal’s Short Stories and Novels, (2018), research; Dikiş Yeri Modern Şiir Okumaları – Modern Poetry Reading of Stitch Scars, (2018), research; Sezai Karakoç’ta Varlığa Bakış – View about Existence in Sezai Karakoç, (2018), research; Muhtasar Cinnet Risalesi – A Short Booklet About Insanity (2013), poetry; Defacto Ölümler – De Facto Deaths (2016), poetry.


- For Master Sezai Karakoç -

queen of spades on the glasses
with the autumn, chrysanthemum and cranes
one wing is pregnant for a bird
birds are born from their wings
underground cities are daydreams
sleeping could frighten the mid-afternoons
the roses are sacked through their shadows
the autumn roses are fairies, and they get a second wind
as they sing the last song of the spring

children cover the lust of the grown-ups
the way the rain dresses the naked of the towns
if it rained
in that it should rain
if there is the integrity of a city, it is because of the rain

a traveler should visit his desert in mid-afternoons
or else some ashes would be a leftover from mid-afternoons
out of the despair licking the chimneys of the slums
a brazen grin would stick to the infidel plates of the neighbors
two ugly artificial teeth, greedy and arrogant

a traveler should kiss the river he goes through, otherwise
the small boats might lose their roars like the letters without stamps
a traveler should kiss the river he goes through, for sure
bone dry literature classes without love
657 hovering over the heads of the teachers

time seems to be a watery and sticky liquid
it passes by hissing, you can hear its sound
israel literature says that the serpent
gulped down the satan first, then puked it in heaven
these are our lies, the serpent did not fall into sin
wasn’t it us to have upset the blessed applecart

let the mirror not keep secrets
the meaning of and inverted rose is not known
maybe it is a tulip
never mind that now brother
would your mother’s consent be enough as worldly goods

while there is a broadcasting at bursa grand mosque
wait, a subject shall arrive
with the flying pigeons on his jacket
the autumn when a traveler takes a look at a mid-afternoon

English Translation by Mesut Şenol