Organizing Board
Mehmet Mazak
Organizing Board
Born in Erdemli district of Mersin in 1971. He completed his primary and secondary education here. He graduated from the Faculty of Science and Arts of Marmara University in 1995. He completed in 1998 writing his Master’s Degree thesis entitled “Boatman Artisans in Istanbul and Inventory Record Book of Boatman Artisans dated 1802”. His first book was also published in 1998 with a title of “Marine Transportation in Old Istanbul”, and it was published by İDO. Then İGDAŞ published three volumes of his work entitled “The History of Town Gas from the Ottomans up to Moderns Days”. These publications were followed by his printed books of “Istanbul Earthquakes” in 2000, “Cleaning of the Environment and Streets in the Ottomans” in 2001, and “Perpetual Water for a Perpetual City: Hamidiye” in 2006. His many articles on Istanbul’s history and culture were printed, and he had been on the publishing and science boards of some magazines. He started many national and international festivals, symposia by heading or working for the organizing boards of these events. He took part in the works intending to conduct and build Cultural Communications, Cultural Identity and Branding. Recently he keeps his research activities into the social change and Daily life between 1850 and 1930 in Istanbul and Mersin. He debuted his business career in August 1995 as an Archive Specialist at Istanbul Culture and Arts Incorporated. After working there for two years, he was transferred to İGDAŞ (Istanbul Gas Distribution Incorporated) in June 1997. He returned to Istanbul Culture and Arts Incorporated in 2007 to served here as a Cultural Director. Then he was appointed as the Director for Cultural Affairs of Sultanbeyli Municipality in January 2011 until 10 April 2014. Following the 2014 Local Elections, he was appointed as the Mayor’s Advisor on Cultural Affairs at Üsküdar Municipality. From 12 September 2014, he started serving as the Cultural and Social Affairs Director of Üsküdar Municipality. The resigned from this job on 02 September 2015, and he worked for a while as a Cultural Affairs Consultants before he was appointed as a Cultural Affairs Advisor at Sultanbeyli Municipality. Married with two daughters and a one son, Mehmet Mazak is currently the Cultural Affairs of Sultanbeyli Municipality.    


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