Maria Koulouri

She was born in 1975. She lives in Athens. She works as a speech therapist, psychotherapist, and as an animator at a theatre group of autistic and intellectually challenged adults. She teaches poetry at the Hellenic Open University, Department of the Master of Creative Writing. Moreover, she works therapeutically through creative writing sessions with adults and children. Bare Museum, her first poetry collection, was published in 2013 by Melani Publications. For this collection, she won the First Appearing Poet - Hellenic Writers Company Award. She was also nominated for the National Poetry Prize. Clocks and other beats, her second poetry collection, was published in 2015 by Melani Publications. For this collection, she won the Athens Academy of Letters and Fine Arts-Lyric Poetry Award. Ordinary beds, her third poetry collection, was published in 2017.

Upon the heart

The fingers that carved the statues
And the dust that made the eyes weep
Your insistence to see what was underneath
There is nothing underneath
Everything is on this here bank
In the flowers we lay on
In the sun
In the small river and its coolness
The words of sorrow are commonplace
There is no originality in grief
Flesh is gnawed
Guts are wrenched
Voices in your head
I’ve no more to say
I don't know you anymore
Where you live
You cut your hair
What do they call you now
My love
I will call you the opposite of defeat
Though you are my poetry's reward
The thickness of my vowels
And the hissing of my consonants
May you be each day's unfinished business
I did not attain forgetfulness today either

English Translation: Konstantinos Matsoukas