Kadir Ünal
He was born in 1961 in Amasya –Taşova. Aylık Dergi, İzdiham, Yedi İklim, Aydos, Dil ve Edebiyat, Birnokta, and Türk Edebiyatı are among the literary magazines the educationist author writes for.

His works

  • Fena Halde İyiyim / I am Terribly Fine (poetry)
  • Siyah Kuğu / A Black Swan (poetry).

Black Swan

i stashed some of you in my solitary corner
break away from me, i am a ship on her beam ends
harbors seem to become tangled, impossible to resolve
throw an intoxicating glance from your eyes

i am not prepared to believe in honorable silence
i just wanted to have a showy memory
yesterday the angel of death broke my heart in the small hours
actually i should have taken refuge in heaven when I feel hungry

even the hands of the soil are tied, no way
don’t grudge that a green dream is too much for me
like hastily written countryside letters
i am as close to you as a winter

i am an exclusive privy secretary to myself
there is no course text left to be memorized
except the sunset ritual of the birds
one day though, believe me, i will give birth to you

you don’t believe me when i say i don’t belong to this world
if so, i have to push a star on the table
for the sake of your absence, the dead bloom in the color of moss
though you look like a trace left by a stone in the sky

while my heart becomes into a black swan
as a weak link in my chest
in terms of a worldly concern as a hush money in return
an embroidered fiasco it won

from now on my sleeps are of bleeding internally
when it is my turn, the dead in luck
deposited all their fears into history