Jolanda Lila Tusku

She was born in 1984 in Albania. She graduated from the “Albanian Language and Literature” Department of the Faculty of History and Philology, the University of Tirana, and then she continued her postgraduate studies at the Department of Literature at the University of Tirana. In January 2015, she successfully had the Ph.D. degree, in philological sciences at Tirana University, with a doctoral dissertation entitle "Stylistic trends in modern Albanian poetry”. Since 2007, she has been working as a professor at several universities. Dr. Jolanda Lila is the author of several poetry books.

Some of her published books are: -"Mos e vrit zemrën” (Don’t kill the heart), poetry, Toena, Tirana, 1997; - "Larg horizontit të fëmijërisë” (Far of childhood horizon), poetry, Toena, 2002; - “Vitet vjedhin” (Years that steal), poetry, Eurorilindja, 2005; - "Torzioni i qenies” (Torsion of human being), Rilindja, Pristina, 2011; - “Variations of the creative styles”, research, Center of Albanalogical Studies”, Tirana, 2018.

“Dreams don’t perish, it’s us who are feeble”- poetic cycle

“Years steal”
Years steal...
Strength from limbs,
Time out of space,
Naivety from mind
Tenderness from soul,
Fire from youth,
Light from days
Beware! Years steal...

“Days” Days weep and laugh
Stay still, but even move
Haughty, humble
Extend through the horizontal
And often to inversion,
To mystery and passion,
To winter and spring.
Days – moments of entity
Leave, wither, with the speed of wind.


To this lunatic anticipation
name I cannot give
To the anxiety within me
Which I know not how to reveal
This shapeless, massless life
Barks as a mad dog.

“Dream Killers”
Dreams don’t perish
It’s us who kill
who cripple them with our weakness
and motivate with the monotony of reality
It’s us
Besmirched with the blood of children

It’s us
The incarnation of hope.

English Translation by Irena Sedia