İntiqam Yaşar
He was born in 1990 in Gedebey region. Between 2008-2012 he completed his undergraduate education at Philology Department of Azerbijani University. His books called “İlk Buluşma / First Rendezvous” (2012) and “… ve susarson / and if you keep quiet-end” (2016) were published. He is the Deputy Chair of the Assembly of the World Young Writers Union, and a member of Azerbaijani Writer’s Union. In 2015 he was awarded with the Azerbaijani President’s scholarship. He was the winner of the “Best Poem” competition organized by EIB. He was also awarded by the Ministry of of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijani Republic due to his successful activities in the year 2015. His poems have been adapted to various languages.

Let us call it hope ...

Unexpectedly all faiths have death throes
At the gallows…
Tomorrow’s dreams beg for assistance.
I have no right to be done in,
Even the pestering questions of silence are not run out.
Even they look like a decoration on my feet, shackles are heavier than me,
Even so, still there is a total hope making my steps fast.
I get my head into my hands sometimes,
My fingers caressing intersection points of wrinkles around my eyes, on my face.
Even so, still there is a hope for the future.
As the replies don’t come, the addresses of salutation would change often and often,
Unexpectedly I would be startled at my own voice,
I would be embarrassed a bit; I would be too sorry to say a word…
Even so that voice… again that voice… I don’t know whoever it is…
Let us call it hope