İbrahim Arslan

He was born in 1954 in Gilan, Kosovo. He was raised and currently lives in Prishtina. İbrahim Arslan is a journalist, teacher, historian and human rights advocate. He has taught for many years in high schools. He is very fond of first Nazım Hikmet’s books given to him by the seasoned writer and poet of the Balkans, Mr. Necati Zekeriya, and he says that he keeps them at his fingertips. As well as his being a journalist, his passion about poetry has never been diminished. İbrahim Arslan’s poems and his literary prose writings appeared in various magazines and newspapers printed in Kosovo and outside Kosovo.


Kofer*, filled with tears and longing,
There is a journey, on the roads of Anatolia,
There is no end seen even though centuries pass,
Is the reason for it “A Life” or “My Love”, this is something else.

There is everything in it, there is the Koran,
Yellowed photos,
Handicrafts of the mothers, hats
Forcibly crammed things within.

Destination is unknown, İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa, maybe Bafra,
The fate of the immigrant is not known,
“I was not able to settle down in a land” he would say heaving a sigh.

It is within the family, from generation to generation, all talks about homeland:
“The homeland is matchless, its sun was different so was its abundance”
If only we have got a handful soil from the homeland,
To quench that fire and longing.

*Kofer: A suitcase made out of cardboard

English Translation by Mesut Şenol