Hayat Memiş

She was born in 1990 in Constanza, Romania. She graduated from the ”Carol Davila” Medical School in Bucharest. Currently she serves as a cardiologist physician at Bucharest Training and Research Hospital. She wrote her first poem at the age of 14, and her poems followed this have been published in the magazines of the Turkish Union in Romania. Her Romanian poems though appeared in the magazines such as “Zari Alb Astre”, “Carmina Balcanica”, and “Convorbiri Literare”.

By now she has published 5 poetry collections: “Yıldızlarla Dertleşmek – Heart to Heart Talk with Stars” 2005. “Bir damla mutluluk”/”Un strop de fericire – One Drop Happiness” 2006. “Düş Bahçem”/ “Grădina Viselor Mele – My Dream Garden” 2007. “Gönül Masalı”/”Poveste de suflet – Tale of Heart” 2009. “Dilek Ağacı – Wish Tree” 2017. Her poems have been included in various anthologies and she received a Certificate for Excellence by the Excellence Committee in Romanian Literature and “Prima Verba” First Price for her poetry book entitled “One Drop Happiness” by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.


My soul grabbed a pen and – its life vest –
When my words were put an end on my lips
When the luster of my eye are weakened
My dreams get illumunated on the paper

I took off the walls I put on and
I demolished my ramparts without any protection
The lines I swallowed are nothing but
My calling on me, be patent!

Be patient so that the sun behind the heavy clouds
Can rise over my shadow inside me
And my pen can open out darkness
And it throws its light into the deep seas

Like reaching out to heaven through every line
To my childhood on the double through rhyme
Even deserts would have flowers bloom in every continent
Grasses would come into leaf in the most barren soils...

English Translation by Mesut Şenol