Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Havva Tekin
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
She was born in 1963 in Cyprus. She completed her primary and secondary education in Cyprus. She graduated from the Turkish Language and Literature Department of the Faculty of Letters, Ankara University. She earned her Master’s Degree in the field of folklore with her thesis “Folkloric Elements in Cypriot Novel Writing”. She presented papers in the fields of literature, language and folklore at symposia abroad and in the country. Her poems, essays and short stories appeared in various literary magazines. Her novel entitled “Children of the Green Island” received grand prize by the Ministry of Culture in a writing competition. Following her two poetry collections respectively names “Yazılmasın Ayrılık – Let Not Separation Be Written” and “Tenim Salamis Mavisi – My Skin Is As Blue As Salamis”, she had her poetry album out, in which she vocalized the poems, with a title of “Kayıp Duvar Resimleri – Lost Wall Pictures” (2016). Her fantastical children novel called “Denizler Ötesinde Tarajar – Tarajar Beyond the Seas” met with its readers in February 2017. Havva Tekin conducts seminars in writing, short story and novel workshops. She is a member of Cyprus Balkan Eurasia Literatures Society, Turkish Writers Union and Eurasian Writers Union.


When I got to you
My hand is a hand
My tongue is a tongue
I promise
I go ahead for one road
Green ears of grain turn yellow
Apple becomes red
A huge plumb shines
A plane tree shoots out
I would present time to you
Hang it on whichever twig you want
It weights the other branch
And it never grows old

Just so you know when I got to you
A foal goes before my eyes
With a century mark on its hooves
In vain… It could not be caught
I wish a wedding feast out of water splash
A life from the feather of a bird
Even though you come from the skin of heavy winters
Come by turning your mountains into a spring
Let the bees distill their honey again
Let the flowers bow and lick the dust

Just so you know when I got to you
I am homeless
A yoruk migrating from and old land would show sympathy
I left my heart on the mountain, and water in the green lowland
I am insane
Unload your pack and your dreams in the open country
Choose a bird of prey in between your two eyebrows
Pass through all streams heading for the sea
The day dawns definitely for everybody
O my heart, choose your land