Hatice Çay
She was born in 1990 in Bursa. An academician. She lives in Istanbul.

Her poetry collections

  • Telaş Çoktu Ama Ben Az / There Was a Lot of Fuss but I was Less
  • Kırmızı Konfeti / Red Confetti

But how about you

It is not you they are curious
It is about how you came
Your sail, your broken paddle
They are curious about how it was

If they looked at your face
To catch the flying of the colors
And leave afterwards
They wanted you to be like them
In the farthest corner of a ruin
A rotten corpse
But how about you though
How did you dig your own grave so powerfully

You cheated death
The smell of soil on your palms
The water you ploughed through its fertility
It grew green how about you

They wondered
About a dead body
With so many open wounds
Apparently the bullet pierced through
It is for sure a war was gotten over
Among the broken pots
Even the one drop of water was not wasted
How about you