Hasanboy Gayubov
He was born in 1968. He graduated from the Engineering Department as a mechanical engineer. He currently works as the Deputy Section Director of SUE Talco. He has been taking an active part in public and literary life in Tajikistan. He has been also attending numerous cultural events and festivals. Hasan Gayubov’s works have been translated into many languages. His poems have been published in various countries and languages.

His published books

  • Rendezvous (2001)
  • Stains on my Life (2002)
  • Wake-up Time (2004)
  • Flowers of My Heart (2007)
  • Sad Tunes of my Soul (2012)
  • Armuon (In three languages, 2014)
  • Belyancha (Uzbek and Tajiki, 2016)
  • Diydor Soinchi (Tajiki, 2017)
  • Haeol Chechakları (2017)
  • Moszyga Aylangan Yıllar (2017)

Autumns Scenes

Trees become more preoccupied in Autumn
Like daydreaming poets
as if the dice are loaded against them
Or as if their lover walked out of them

it looks like the number of birds decreased
Their voices are not as chirpy as used to be
The leaves fall on the ground
by singing sad songs