Habibe Ahmedova
She was born in 1953 in Köseler village of Kırcaali, Bulgaria. Her brothers settled in Istanbul after 1989 migration, and her parents died there. She completed her primary education in the village she was born in, and her high school in Gabrovo. After having served for 44 years with a work experience of performing her job at the offices of village heads of Kırcaali Municipality, village libraries, tax Office, municipal bus terminal, she got her retirement 3 years ago. She published 3 poetry collections (one in Bulgarian) in the years of 2001, 2003 and 2005.

Our journeys with my mom

It is that road
My hand is in my mom’s hand
Together we walked
After some years
I am still on this road,
The old same road, the same footway
Stones are now moss-covered
Grass took over on the ground…
Mom, you are gone
In Istanbul, in a graveyard
Your name is engraved on a cold marble stone.
The traces we left are now gone.
Alongside with my loneliness
Walks my childhood
Holding tightly my mom’s hand
Being in expectation of new things…
The sun sets surrender to the day
On the yellowed tree leaves
The evening wind
Performs the dance of farewell.
The song of the flowing water
A bird perched on
That old fountain’s basin
Sips the water.
I am again a traveler on that road
After so many years, without mom
I used to say that
The world would definitely change
That world
Seems to be more colorless…
I go back
I am heavy hearted
I feel empty…