Gülten Abdullah
She was born in 1946 in Galati, Romania. She is a graduate of Pedagogics and Romanian Literature Departments. She organized numerous events, exhibitions, seminars, symposia on different subjects but primarily on Turkish culture. Between 2000-2008, she published a magazine called “TUNA MEKTUPLARI – THE DANUBE LETTERS”. She served as a teacher and administrator. She is the recipient of many national and international awards.

Some of her books

Mahmut'un Pabuçları / Mahmut's Shoes- Gala Galaction- a translation from Romanian into Turkish; Değerli günler için şiirler / Poems for Important Days- (Anthology); En seçkin ilahiler / The most outstanding chants; Hz. Mevlana / His Holiness Mevlana (In Romanian and Turkish); Mevlana – Dünya düşünürü / Mevlana – A World Thinker; Sarı Saltuk Dede- değerleme / Sarı Saltuk Dede - Appraisement; Çanakkale Ruhu ebedi kalacak / Çanakkale Spirit Shall Live Forever (an appraisment in two languages); “Türk Dünya Mitolojinde Hayat Ağacı / Tree of Life in Turkish World Mythology’’- in Romanian.

To my Turkish friends

You don’t know me
Neither do I you.
But please,
Write me a line.
About what?
How should I know
It could be on anything.
It is not important.
You just write me.
I would like to get to know you
You are part of my nation…
For years, I have been missing you…

Write me about your hometown,
About its streets,
About its trees
About your dreams.
Write me about your fantasies by looking at the sun
About the tales of the stars
About the legends, heroes,
Trotting of the horses,
Sounds coming from Dombıra,
Your own traveling
On whichever subject…
I would like to get to know you.

I shall also mention to you
About the chirping sounds of the birds on my windows
At dawn
About the towns built by Kuman Turks
About the beauties of the land I live in
The Danube’s historical water flowing
About our traditions, folk songs,
My dreams which keep me young
I shall talk to you about everything, most everything,
This way we can get to know each other.
We can walk together towards our bright future.

Be assured, my Turkish brother!
My only wish from you is this,
Write me