Flutur Mustafa

BA of Law, Freelance Artist & Author Author of: Pertej Lajthitjes (best seller) , Na dy (national best seller), Andje. Born in Ulcinj, Montenegro, a young artist based in Kosovo.


I do not want to go.
To tell the right thing I do not know
nor what a taste of escape.
I never fled.
Others are far away,
the escape routes do not always have room for return.
I do not know how to escape.
Do you just wear a leather suitcase?
or should I take it alone
does they fit on in a bag skin?
With the edge,
or with what your hands?!
Can it be with the language?
maybe with teeth.
Show me how to take it with me:
sheets, bites,
sputum and larynx,
how to pack fever, sleep, feeling?
how to fire after-calling, voice,
the hand that closes my mouth
when we go love ...
I do not mean to run away
nowhere, everlasting.
I just wanted to ask them
you who practice the escape,
please tell me
how do you fire the love?

Translated into English by Prof. Dr. Jeton KELMENDI