Fahriddin Nizamov
He was born in 1963 in Sengicüman village of Hatırcı district, Nevai province of Uzbekistan. His first poetry collection called “Derdin Şekli / The Shape of the Trouble” was published in 1987. “Ayalgu” was the book he published in 2000. His book called “Geometrik Bahar / Geometrical Spring” met with its readers in 2004. He published his book entitled “Yenilenme Geleneği / Tradition of Renaissance” containing his literary and intellectual writings in 1988. Fahriyar translated the works of poets such as Pablo Neruda, Maris Çaklays and the T. Uinter’s book with a title of “Islam in the 21st Century: To Fınd the Qıbla in the Postmodern World” into the Uzbek language. Many of his poems have been translated into Russian and other languages. The poem we feature here is taken from his poetry book called “Arayış / Quest” published in 2017.


…the best out is always through… Robert Frost

Who came up with this word
a word like a bowl
whatever you pour into it mixes together

not finicky as a patient’s appetite
this word

like sin
once brought into this world
God’s creatures have no choice but
to live

the feelings that tie themselves around a person's heart
in the process of living
are like a noose around his neck who can untie
those feelings
in recompense for all he has gone through
you’ll never know

fatal as a noose
the shadow of sentence unpronounced
inevitable execution

everyone carries experience
around his neck
a hangman’s noose

death is not frightening
you just have to go through enough
you just have to endure the thought of it

like a noose
will not be untied in this world

the residue
of past experiences
like the number 13
unbreakable divisible into nothing
all pervading primeness
cleaves the heart right down the middle
just experience parcels out
life and death in equal shares

the verdict of the heart

until it carried out
you will never be free of the sentence