Ervin Yahiç

founding president and chief editor of the magazines called ‘Poeziya’ and ‘Biblioteka Poeziye’. He is also the festival director of “Stih” organized every year within the framework of the Croatian Writers Union. He is the President of the Croatia Bosnian Culture Association called “Preporod”. His poems have been translated into languages including English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Persian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Slovenian. Many of his poetry collections were published: The Eye of the Andalusian Dog (1994), Biography and the Car (2001), The Book of Materials, the Weekend Body Utopia of the Minors (With P. Todoroviç, 2001), Neon Deserts (Selected Poems, 2005), Afghan Crystals (2007), Improper Place (2015), Fear Provides Measurement (Collected Poems, 2019). Being the recipient of many awards, Ervin Yahiç is a member of Croatian Writers Union, Croatian P E N Center and Bosnia-Herzegovina Writers Union.


We were on the Dabar in the night
Someone and a sharpshooter tried to kill God
By shooting the tower of the Orthodox Church
The bear brings axes
And tells us to pull our weapons out.
The lead formation of the enemy is about to come
Without using any bullet
We primitively butchered
Each other like two wolves

I survived that night.
God was close to me than my jugular vein
I know that

In another night of the war, again an old news
We await the renewed attach of the enemy
Somebody tells that there will be a blood bath.
Every place will be burnt
Instead of primitive weaponry
We bought modern arms.

When the dawn breaks, rain causes
Mist in the whole forest and the trees.
Everything gleams like a birch tree
The voices in the forest get mixed
The enemy is in waiting
To lose hope of tonight’s survival.

I fire the gun dry
Some of us get out of the trenches
We attack with all our power.
It is like a Christmas night in Budapest
In fact like the chimney master of Kresos

Our fears come after us
To see whether our war begins

English Translation by Mesut Şenol