Ercan İriş
He was born in 1978 in Karakol village of Eskil district, Aksaray. He studied Turkish Language and Literature at Selçuk University. He started teaching literature in the year 2002. He is the editor of Teferruc magazine. His poems appeared in literary magazines including Dil ve Edebiyat, Aydos, Büyük Ece, and Herfene. His first poetry collection called “Adını Yalnızlık Koydum – I Named It Loneliness” in 2009, and his second poetry collection entitled “Yağmurlu Yüreğim – My Rainy Heart” in 2015, and his last poetry book with a title of “Aşiyan Yolları – Aşiyan Roads” in 2016 have met with their readers.

Paper Narcosis

Through a secret operation, they transferred my mother’s fears
My soul had been exposed to paper narcosis
My disposition had been surrounded by frowning faces
The axis of my humanity had been shifted
There are works of conscience in progress on its main arteries

My father had not taught me to how to ride a bicycle
That’s why I am his son being late for everything
And my old man used to say everyone gets matured in their own shade
That’s why I cannot break off from my mother’s cradle
Yet a human being seems to be a fault line in another person
While everybody was going through a multiple interest deficit
I gently embraced my fear of heights
I let then write in my identity card “always assumes a humble attitude”

While the world is growing older on the horn of an ox
I don’t know whether it is because I don’t have a chain watch.
All of my memories get mixed with one another
That’s why I beg you My God to save me for the prayer of a child

People are running towards themselves inside the crowds
They hide their modern illnesses behind their glasses
Commissioned friendships increase the dampness of disloyalty
But as a lunatic out of the sight of the heaven resorts to guardianship
Crying out to all stony picture of the blind hearts
“I say death, death, it is the telling narration of life!