Edanur İnce
She was born in 1998 in Osmangazi district of Bursa. Having her father being a Bursa native and her mother from Western Thrace Turks, at the age of four she had to leave the city she was born in because of the divorce of her parents, and she moved with her mother to Komotini, Greece, the homeland of her mother. She had spent her childhood in Komotini and she completed her primary education at Kırmahalle Minority School. Having graduated from secondary education in a Greek High School, Edanur had already explored her passion to write during her junior high school years. The best way to talk about repressed and hidden feelings was to write. At the same time this preoccupation provided her to escape from the tiring atmosphere of the world and to take a break for some time. Her biggest aim is to contribute to the Western Thrace Turkish Literature, to become a recognized poet by improving herself.

Janina Streets

I take a walk on the Janina streets.
My hands are inside my pockets.
My loneliness sits on my back; my load is very heavy.
I embrace with motherly affection,
The wind hitting my chest in waves.
I swing my legs from İç Kale.
Across from me,
A lake view
As magnificent as your eyes.
Your voice in the backdrop.
Saying “goodbye”.
I play the song you love out of tune.
Behind me, aged cannon balls.
Nazım’s words in my mind:
‘Life is not a joke, take it seriously”
I live it very seriously, I live today.
Inside my palm,
Like holding tight a tiny sparrow,
A tea glass.
On my left,
A mister throwing bagels for seagulls.
And when I raise my head,
A deep blue sky,
Lying in front of me without any cover.
It provokes today a desire to live inside me.
I take a walk on Janina streets.
My hands are in my pockets,
With your kissable hands,
You are storing being without you as if loneliness is not enough
Into the sack on my back.
This time though, I would not utter the words don’t go.
If you want to leave, go.
Do not try to fit us into “Goodbyes”.
You know,
You and I are bouncing off the walls.
If we were water in the jar, we would slosh over.
If we were a stone, we would be split into two parts.
As I see,
Have the same meaning in every language, as you see.
Let it be so.
Anyway, don’t think over these things
Things like this happens in the world.
I take a walk on Janina streets.
My hands are in my pockets.
My loneliness sits on my back.
Today at drawing lots my lot was just to be without you.
Let it be so,
Things like this happens in the world.
Don’t take your time to think over these things.
Look, how lovely is the weather.
How clear is the water.
The birds are as chirpy as children.
I take a walk on Janina streets.
My hands are in my pockets.
A cold gust slaps on
My neck you used to blow your breath.
You see I live,
I take it seriously even.
With or without you,
In the coolness of the shade of the sky blending with blue.