Cengizhan Orakçı

He was born in 1965 in Gürün district of Sivas. He graduated from the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Faculty of Letters of Ankara University. He served as the editor and publishing manager at various publishing houses. For three periods he assumed the position of being the Secretary General of the Turkish Writers Union (between 1998-2004). He taught literature in high schools, and he wrote columns in newspapers. For a long time, he resided in Ankara, then he moved to Istanbul. His poems and writings appeared and contuniue to appear in magazines including Doğuş Edebiyat, Türk Edebiyatı, Türk Dili, Dergâh, Kanat, Araf, Son Duvar, Sonsuzluk ve Birgün, Kurgan, Altıncı Şehir, İtibar, and Karabatak. He runs Sanatalemi.net.

His Published Works: Ateş Bahçeleri - Fire Gardens (Poetry), Zamansız Sipahi – Timeless Cavalryman (Poetry) Acıdan Bir Siyah – A Black Color out of Pain (Poetry), Yahya Kemal Beyatlı (Biography), Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar (Biography), Arif Nihat Asya (Biography).


I made the pain pass through the waters again and again
You can put it on you now, look it dried
The fabrics were for you, even the threads and the needle
An unseen stitching from inside, do not be worried
Nobody will know about it
I put it on the night getting thinner
The eye not able to see, the ear not able the hear
My God, my God creating water
I was drawn to you after passing my color
My hands are still full with fire

Should an angel greet my voice, I am a stranger
My word is in the dry cold of the winter, in the snowing
My God, this anxiety is not running the day
The dervish has no power to carry the mountains
He falls down on the collected pain on a level area
My hands crumble at the point I take a look at
And my hands are food for the birds

I touched the water inside the stone
The basin of my heart cracked, my God
The earth gurgles in me
It doesn’t settle down neither here nor there
Let the flood take away whatever I have in record
I small boat cut off from its tie
Would not sail in the sea with coyness
Maybe all hell broke loose
My hands are not aware of it

I made the pain pass through the waters being lost in thought
It is the shot life at the bottom
The world cooled inside me, my God
I am now famous for my absent-mindedness
Who am I inside the world
I am left with the wind, my God
I was cut in the scabbard of the moment
My hands are in blood

I made the pain pass through the sleeps
By wrapping them with the black and an ah sigh
My God, creating the color
Imprint of my wall was seen
Purple Brown is rampant
The rooms of the house are too much winding
Let me get up from my not getting a wink of sleep
Put expressions on the cliff of my mind

My town got petrified, my God
My hands, before it did

English Translation by Mesut Şenol