Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof. Dr. Cemalettin Latiç
Bosnia and Herzegovina
He was born in 1957 in Gorni Vakuf, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Latiç, He completed his undergraduate study at the Faculties of Islamic Studies and Philosophy of Sarajevo University. His Master’s Degree education was at the Philosophy Department of Zagreb University in the field of World Literature. His doctoral dissertation on the miraculous linguistic and stylistic characteristics of the Koran brought him a title of Doctor from the Islamic Studies Faculty of Sarajevo University. As a professor, Latiç currently teaches interpretation at Islamic Studies Faculty of Sarajevo University and heads the Ikbal (Prosperity) Department. He is a well-known translator with his translation in the languages of Arabic, English and Spanish. Dr. Latiç is in particular a recognized scholar known for his religious poems and that is why he earned the nickname of “Bosnian Yunus Emre”. Takin Süleyman Çelebi, he wrote Mawlid in Bosnian in Mesnevi style. Through his poetry works he received not only the most prestigious awards in Bosnia but also International Istanbulensis Poetry Festival’s Award in 2016 and Necil Fazıl Kısakürek International Culture and Art Prize in 2017.

His poetry collections

  • Mejtaš i vodica (Mejtaš ve Su / Mejtaš and Water)
  • Srebrena česma (Gümüş Çeşme / Silver Fountain)
  • Srebrenički Inferno (Srebrenitsa Cehennemi / Srebrenitsa Hell)
  • Dome Davudov (Davud’un Evi / David’s Home)
  • Škripa vratnica (Kapı Gıcırtısı / Creak of the Door)
  • Careve oči (Çar'ın Gözleri / Eyes of the Czar)
  • Ja sam tavus ašikane (Ben Bir Âşık Tavuskuşuyum / I am a Peacock in Love) Divan.

A Poet in Heaven

At a place and at the moment the shadow gets dwarfed, When it is being wrapped,

Towards heaven, towards the sky, towards heaven...,

A longing for flying to a blue, white and yellow everlastingness,
The whold forest should shake itself for sure
To bid farewell to the Sultan!

As soon as it is done with his observation, he ascends to heaven,
His eyebrows are knitted, he looks arrogant.

As much as his chest could take
He embraces his first circumambulation,
As much the land he reigns
Horizon extends as much...,
He challenges the height and the wind,
At other moment he wraps
His circumambulation at the bottom of the first cosmic sphere...

On the fly he disappears,
Because the Sun and the mountains
Begins swimming with him...
As he indulges having circumambulation
Being fully satisfied by taking his time bit by bit
He cries out in high spirits,
Becuase there is the One at that moment,
Free from himself, greater than himself.