Bünyamin K.
He was born in 1971 in Maraş. He had listened to his father sing bozlak (a Turkish folk song), to her mother tell manis (a type of Turkish poetry) and to his uncle narrating Köroğlu stories. When he came of age, he started reciting poetry. Then he drew the images of poems. Later on, he wanted to tell the stories of poems and drawings/paintings. He has been following his aspiration on this since his debut. He has been painting with water colors for twenty-one years, he has been writing poetry for thirty years, and he has been treasuring up stories for forty-five years.


For you, I bought pomegranate
From the shopping malls placed on the pomegranate orchard
I picked three of them, for your palate, for your bride’s veil and
For the fantasy in your tummy with repeated booms
A worker singing a song for pomegranate weighted the pomegranate
I asked whether it was good or not
I don’t know he said

I sat down and I was scattered alongside the road
So many people have seen the pomegranate I bought for you
The last ones seeing it were migrants
One was a child, the other a mother
And the third one was a bone-dry father

I took them with my hand, I took them with a pledge
This is the song it can never forget