Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu
He was born in 1962 in Akhisar-Manisa. He is a lawyer, author and actor. He conducted research studies on people, religions, administrations, legal systems and societies in countries including China, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Germany, Great Briton, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Dubai, Bahrain. He writes in the magazine called Cins. As an actor he had his parts in series of “Yedi Güzel Adam – Seven Handsome Men” and “Sevda Kuşun Kanadında – Love Sits on the Wing of the Bird”. He is still on the cast of the television series called “Payitaht Abdülhamit – Capital City of the Sultan Abdul Hamid.

His works

  • Beyaz Usta Siyah Çırak / White Master Black Novice
  • Kerime / Daughter
  • Son Hasat / Last Harvest
  • Aşk Cephesi / Love Front
  • Aşk Çölü / Love Wilderness
  • Kanaviçe / Canvas
  • Kara Güneş / The Black Sun
  • Tahta At / Wooden Horse

O love

My moon stone
My tears
I became rose on your lips
I am the candle you lit
Your blown wind
Your breath
My breath
I cannot touch your reflection
For fear of spoiling the consequence
I cannot drift into sleep
All of them are gone for a campaign
I cannot give away the secret
The spell might be broken
The essence of this world
Burns in the coldness of the universe
This is exactly so; I am as cold as ice inside flames
Within embers
A touch of ice
Your light flowed in
It emblazed all ashes
Inside my burnt and cracked body
Humans cannot set the time
Humans cannot vanish without a trace in the universe
Like an ox exposed to dry cold on the street corners
I look for a warm nest
So much helpless
So much disturbed
I search for a dervish as if being in mother’s womb
My life in the color of love has gone
My life has gone, another life arrived
I supposed the sky as being the housetop
I thought the earth was a mattress
I have been gazing at
Love is on my lips
O love, I surrender