Aykut Nasip Kelebek
He was born in 1991, in Istanbul. He published his poems and reviews in some media such as Yedi İklim, Türkiye Dil ve Edebiyat, Bir Nokta, İtibar, Kuruluş, Cins, and tetkikçi.blog. His first poetry collection called “Bana Hayran Olsana – Why Don’t You Hold Me in High Esteem” was published in 2013 to be followed by his second poetry book “Kelimeler ve Adımlar – Words and Steps” (2018). His review book entitled “Kanlı Canlı Şiir-Modern Türk Şiiri Üzerine Yazılar – Writings about Lusty Poetry – Modern Turkish Poetry” was published in 2016. He graduated from the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. He currently continuous his Master’s Degree study at the Turkish Language and Literature Department of 29 Mayıs University.

A pure poem

I am in line with pure-minded ones
do not let me down before cold-hearted ones
divide hellfire among those
if in case they attempt to take our share

i will be blending with water
i fear my being purer than water would be noticed
water could evaporate, flow into the sea and escape
how about me, how could i survive among people

why why why
why the person you are and the person you aspire are on separate lines
while your dreams are crystal clear
your life is a nonsense

i appeared like a star in your dark world
now the far away shores with a desire of being enlightened call on me
death will seize all my assets
but my purity shall perpetuate for centuries by vanishing off the face of the earth