Bosnia and Herzegovina
Asmir Kuyoviç
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Asmir Kuyoviç was born in 1973 in Yeni Pazar. He graduated from the Bosnia-Herzegovina Literature of Nations Department of the Philosophy Faculty of Sarajevo State University. His Poetry Books ‘Asker Rüyası – Soldier’s Dream’ (1997), ‘Ölüm sonrası hayat – Life After Death’ (2000), ‘Manzara - Landscape’ (2014), ‘Nestor Kadehi – Nestor’s Goblet’ (2019) His Novel: ‘Ay Hanım Efendi Kim Ezdi – O Lady, Who Did Run Over You’ (2002). His novel was rewarded by the Bosnia-Herzegovina Writers Union as the Best Book Published in 2002. Some of his books, prose writings and poems have appeared in publications nationally and abroad. Being as an editor and journalist, Asmir Kuyuvic is member of Bosnia-Herzegovina Writers Union and Bosnia-Herzegovina PEN Center.


Come and see, how the wind gets loose
Without holding on any power, we easily fall down.
Look, how we moved ahead of our ancestors
In crying, whispering, shouting and laughing
Through our mouths we catch the old stars of the world
We go to the distances further than the North Pole
This world is our inner voice
In all of us there are caterpillars
Waiting to become magnificent butterflies
Look, to what the hot fire could turn the iron
When the powers are even
(At that moment) humans walk so eagerly
How we make people live by killing so easily.
We were born in days of old
In the cradle rocking in the Yordan river.
We are trying to solve the equation of creation
Far beyond where the sun sets.
Nobody is unable to do it
But it is also true, because it may exist by chance.
We go through thousands of unopened gates
Look at this flower, how it bloomed itself
If it were closed to the world!
We are abandoned large earthenware jars
At the same moment we are dispersed in six directions
See, how the word spreads
Catching the empty spaces of the letters.
The empty spaces are the words of the new language
We are created from empty spaces
Let us dismantle the wire netting that night
So that today should not lead to the thousands of bad days.
Let us open ourselves into this emptiness
let the stars wave!
The waves are also the reflection of God’s words
When the excess gets even, it becomes less
When the less gets even, it becomes excess
We are
We are abandoned large earthenware jars
At the same moment we are dispersed in six directions

English Translation by Mesut Şenol