Ahmet Şefik Vefa
He was born in Kadıköy, Istanbul. He tries to write by looking at the sky. His poems and writings appeared in literary-arts magazines such as Edebiyat, Bir Nokta, Dil ve Edebiyat, İzdiham, and Mühür. His first poetry book: “Dalgınlığıma Geldi Hayat – In Life, I Got Lost in Thought”

War of Existence

My God
i had fallen out of polytheist religions
i was standing like a flowerpot with its shadow stolen
in a life with its hair dyed
and with its periphery smashed and mute.

humans weigh the meaning of life
we are not like a tree standing tall
now let’s have the one with wisdom
to plant in the soil

you don’t get it, i don’t want to come to my senses
i repeat my first name is human and my family name is soil
i enjoy fully the taste of non-existence
in a world where people toil to exist

but wait a minute now my brothers
i have something to tell you
"... "
have you heard, i held my tongue
You are as deaf as a post.