Ahmet Murat
He was born in Karaman. He started his theological studies in Egypt and then completed them in Istanbul. He earned his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in the fields of philosophy and Sufism. He worked in every type and level of publishing sector. Currently he is one of the faculty members of Ibn Khaldun. Additionally, he serves as the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine called Nihayet. Beside his poetry collections, he published academic books, essays and translated works. His poetry books: Kaf ve Rengi (Kaf and its Color), Kış Bilgisi (Winter Knowledge), Bir Şair Bisikletle (One Poet is Riding a Bicycle), Kalbin Kararı (The Decision of the Heart).

Inquiries into solitude

If you end up on a deserted island
This question asks about three things you would take there
Three things and you as well, and does that island
Still remain deserted in your opinion

A perpetual voice in your head
You have them with you like old questions, fast friends
You are going to land on that island together for sure
Are you going to say we are alone or I am alone

Let’s say you took three things together
The things you did not bring would stick in your mind
Maybe you might have forgotten what was left behind
Why didn’t you bring along the act of forgetting

The question of if you end up on a deserted island
The cruelest piece of all inquiries
While listening to you, the tears of life you had
Would be moved to tears