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About The Festival

We have been preparing ourselves to make a start on the Seventh International Istanbulensis Poetry Festival, which contributes to our district Sultanbeyli’s becoming a brand town.

As our townspeople who have been observing our festivals closely know better, our festival has been organized around a theme.

Following this tradition, we came up with a subject theme for this year called “Balkanian Breeze”. In fact, picking the Balkans as a theme is not something coincidental. The Balkans are of a geography adorned with the Turkish architecture, culture, and traditions.

The Balkanian geography which has been sustaining the Turkish culture since its conquest and even in time it proclaimed its independence, nevertheless, our cultural ties with it have never been broken. This is also true even for today.

In Sultanbeyli we are going to host our poets who live in the Balkans, who know Balkanian issues and try to find solutions to those issues, who build friendship bridges via their poetry.

Our festival makes poets coming from the Balkanian countries, namely from Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosna-Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Northern Macedonia, and Montenegro meet with our esteemed poetry friends.

During three day long festival, our guest poets alongside with their Turkish fellow poets will bring the enchanting fragrance of poetry to our town’s streets.

Our poets will not only recite their poems in the opening and closing sessions of the festival but also they will visit our beloved youth in their schools to share their views on arts and life by opening up new horizons in their minds. And hopefully, our youth will

become more aware of the Balkans because of these events; thus, our common ties with the Balkans will be strengthened thanks to these activities.

May our people begin to enjoy our festival.